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2022-2023 Wholesale Tea

Product Catalog

Explore our full line of organic chai, lattes, teas, syrups and more.

Wholesale Chai

More flavor, body and balance than any Chai you've ever tasted.

Metolius Chai is a creamy elixir of cardamom, fresh ginger, and cracked pepper, velvety sweet, handsomely caffeinated, with warming notes of cinnamon and cayenne. 


At Metolius Tea, we think of chai as much more than a sweet, flavorful drink. We think of it as a conversation—about history, culture, quality, and values.

The quality of our chai reflects our passion for working with small organic farms around the world, supporting sustainable local economies and promoting healthy ecosystems. We aim for a completely empowered supply chain, from farm to cup, in which everyone is nourished along the way.

All Organic

cane sugar, fresh ginger, black tea, cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon, citric acid, salt, cayenne

Word On The Street
"It’s crazy popular. There’s a consensus around here that it’s easily the best chai in Portland."

Wholesale Matcha

Our high-grade Japanese green matcha is smooth and accessible.

Metolius Matcha (latte blend)


Green tea powder with eco-friendly cane sugar and rainforest harvested Madagascar vanilla bean.

Green Matcha


Japanese green tea powder rich with amino acids and chlorophyll to keep you alert yet balanced with calm.

Turmeric Gold Latte

Our caffeine-free syrup concentration rendition of Golden Milk.

Turmeric Gold Latte, similar to Metolius Chai, is a vibrant blend of turmeric, fresh ginger, and cracked pepper, velvety sweet, with warming notes of cinnamon.


Small-batch brewed to perfection, our 1:7 syrup-to-milk concentrate is rich and creamy rather than chalky and powdery. Combine with Metolius Chai and Metolius Matcha to complete your trifecta latte offering.

Ingredients: organic cane sugar, filtered water, organic fresh ginger, organic turmeric, organic black pepper organic cinnamon, citric acid

Fancy Coffee

Could it be love?

Or just really good tea? Find out now.

Wholesale Black Teas

Our black loose leaf teas are directly sourced from small family owned tea gardens in Yunnan, China.

Earl Grey


A floral infusion of large leaf black tea, Italian bergamot, and rainforest-harvested vanilla bean.

Black & Gold


Large leaf tea yielding a deep auburn infusion and chocolatey aroma. Smooth and lingering.

Local Coffee Shop

Get Some

(free tea of course)

Wholesale Green Teas

Partially oxidized Camellia sinensis, our green teas are sourced from small, family-owned tea gardens.
Sweet Bee

Lavender, jasmine, and Madagascar vanilla bean trio in this naturally sweet, smooth, accessible green tea.

Jasmine Green

White tipped, downy, Spring harvested green tea steamed with fresh jasmine flowers. Expertly crafted in Yunnan, China. Balanced, floral, and smooth.

Cloud & Mist

Cloud and Mist, or Yun Wu, is harvested in the springtime in the Zhejiang Province, China. Its emerald leaves yield a smooth, full bodied liquor.

Elevate Your Tea Service

Exceptional tea sourced from the small sustainable tea gardens.

Wholesale Herbal Teas

Soothing non-caffinated loose leaf herbal tea blends.

Little Bear

A dynamic and comforting composition of pear, lavender, lemongrass, ginger, and vanilla over rooibos.


A sweet and spicy, decadent blend of coconut, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, licorice and pink peppercorns.

Cinnamon Hibiscus​

A beautiful pink-hued infusion of tart hibiscus, calming tulsi, and whole leaf stevia lightly spiced with cinnamon bark.

Metolius Mint

A charming dessert fusion of rich chocolate, cool peppermint, warm cinnamon and sweet whole leaf stevia.

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More Than Just Tea

Chai, Matcha, Loose Leaf Tea & Small-Batch Syrups

Explore Wholesale Tea

Go ahead, take a look around.

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Black tea, green tea, fruit tea cups / t

Wholesale Coffee Syrups

Small-batch brewed specialty syrups for one-of-a-kind beverages.

Elderflower Vanilla Syrup

Beautiful Madagascar vanilla bean syrup with floral notes.

Lavender Syrup

Brewed with aromatic lavender buds grown on a local Central Oregon family garden.

Cardamom Syrup​

Rich, velvety cardamom syrup brewed from vibrant green cardamom pods.

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