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USDA Certified Organic

Chai Concentrate

Metolius Chai is a small-batch brewed chai concentrate made with love for coffee shops and your home.

Metolius Chai Concentrate

When it comes to flavor, body and experience, nothing makes a better chai than a concentrate, specifically a syrup based chai concentrate. Metolius Chai is an all organic, creamy elixir of cardamom, fresh ginger, and cracked pepper, velvety sweet, handsomely caffeinated, with warming notes of cinnamon and cayenne. 

Our unique 1:7 syrup-to-milk ratio gives our chai more body, more complex flavor and more servings per bottle than any other chai concentrate around town. 


"Easily the best chai in Portland."

- Nossa Familia Coffee Roasters

Pure Organic Goodness

We believe a product is more than it's label, but we also recognize in a world of GMOs, 'natural' and 'artificial' flavoring that independent verification holds weight.


Metolius Chai is a chai concentrate made from USDA certified organic ingredients. We source premium tea leaves from Chinese tea gardens, 100% pure ginger from Peru, all the way down to our organic cane sugar from South America, we care deeply about each ingredient we add to Metolius Chai.

All Organic: cane sugar, filtered water, fresh ginger, black tea, cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon, citric acid, salt, cayenne


Small-batch brewed.

Crafted with love in beautiful Bend, Oregon. Enjoyed everywhere.

2-Minute Video Tutorial

How To Make Chai At Home

Making your own chai from concentrate at home is simple. Here's how.

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What exactly is a chai concentrate?

A chai concentrate is typically a simple syrup base which has been steeped or brewed with the traditional chai spices of tea leaves, ginger and cardamom.​

While concentrates can be powered, liquid chai concentrates provide a fresher palate and a deeper body without the chalky or grainy texture often experienced with powered chai.


Typically you combine a smaller portion of the chai concentrate to warmed or steamed milk in order to make a chai beverage, such as hot or iced chai lattes, dirty chai, and so forth. A bonus of liquid chai concentrate is the myriad of applications for cooking and baking, such as in zucchini bread, yum!

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