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Do Good

We've designed Metolius Tea to be a force for good.

Redefining Success

Success is what you define it to be. For the Metolius Tea family we define success as building healthy people, contributing to a cleaner planet and earning sustainable profits, commonly known as triple bottom line.

We build healthy people by supporting our team to give back to our community through paid volunteer programs, livable wages and mentoring opportunities. We contribute to a cleaner planet through eco-friendly packaging and supporting small, farm direct farmers. We earn sustainable profits by offering high-quality product our customers love.

Elevate Your Tea

Exceptional tea sourced from the small sustainable tea gardens.

Mission & Vision


To be the most respected wholesaler and online retailer of hand-crafted teas. To enrich the lives of our farmers, buyers, customers, ourselves and our communities.


To sell delicious, beautiful teas to our customers and to deliver our promises with precision and warmth.

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Core Values



Ethics. Be courageously truthful and honorable in everything we do, whether or not anyone is watching.


Accountability. Follow through with commitments.


Reciprocity. Win-win relationships or bust.



Respect. The quality of our relationships is the foundation for the quality of our lives.  We maintain great rapport in our wide network of life and business connections, and we maintain strong mutual respect in our inner circles.

Communication.  The quality of our communication reflects all our other values.  We strive to return emails and phone calls at an impressive speed and to collaborate with each other with warmth and positivity. 


Authenticity. We are a distinctly American tea company. We don’t exploit, ape, or exoticize Chinese, Indian, British, or any other cultures.  We are mindful of our language and respectful to the cultures and origins behind our ingredients.



Create, Complete, Refine. A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.*  We strive toward continuous improvement through every challenge and opportunity.


Curiosity. Approach business, and life in general, willing to stand corrected, to know more, to try a different way.

* “A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week.” General George Patton, WWII general, nicknamed “Old Blood and Guts.”

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