• Amy

Birdsong Chai White Tea

Spring melts the past away and playfully inspires new days, new thoughts, and new life. The word “spring” literally means “the origin of a river.” Our beloved Metolius river erupts from the Ponderosa forested hillside at 50,000 gallons per minute, leaping into play with fish and fisherman, birds and birders, river otters and hikers and campers. Along the banks of its faerie-kissed turquoise waters grow some of our favorite medicinals: yarrow, rose, balsam, skullcap, and mints.

Our Spring Collection celebrates the Metolius River Spring. It is filled with new buds, spring harvested teas, herbs from our riverside apothecary, and one special story about courageous women and their revolutionary gardens.

We hope you enjoy our Spring 2017 Collection!