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  • Amy

Introducing Love Tea

In the wake of Metolius Tea founder Amy's engagement to her sweetheart and on the brink of Valentine's Day, we have so many reasons to celebrate love.

A Spicy, Herb-infused Hot Cocoa

Just as true love isn't always found on our first attempt, Taryn (assistant tea faerie) and Amy spent hours upon hours in the tea workshop in fiery attempts to make our fantasy tea come true. We blended plenty of faulty combinations on our way to “the one.” Our friends and family sipped our “love rejects” with satisfaction, but we knew we weren’t there yet…

If you are searching for true love, you’ve got to know what you want. We knew we wanted chocolate, strawberries, and roses. Aphrodite stained a white rose red when she accidentally pricked her foot on a rose while running to her fatally wounded lover. The red rose has ever since been a symbol of undying devotion.

Searching for a deeper chocolate experience, we replaced our chocolate chips for hot cocoa, stirred in our coconut, strawberries, cayenne, black and pink peppers, and rose petals. The moment our lips touched this sweet and spicy alchemy, we knew: we had found our Love.

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